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Programs that we offer at McCormick Divers

Team lessons & Novice

One hour lessons, Monday-Friday. Introduction to the sport of diving, teaching the beginnins skills, diving awareness, body control and basic stretching. You can sign up for 2, 3, or 4 days per week. Starting at $160/month

Novice is a beginning competitive diving program. Novice divers will train with the goal of competiting in local USA Diving/AAU Novice diving meets. Training will include stretching, dry-land excercisis, trampoline skills and diving. This group is expected to compete. You can choose from 2-3 days/week with lessons 1 1/2 – 2 hrs in duration depending on skill level. Starting at $130/month.

Junior Olympic (JO)

This program offers five to six, 2-3 hour coaching sessions per week (M-F, occasional Sat) to divers who, within a defined age group, can peform JO dives as required by USA Diving and AAU National Organizations. Training will include stretching & strengthing, dry-land excersices, trampoline and dry-board skills. Starting at $295/month.

Senior Olympic & Masters

Senior Olympic and Masters team members will set their own training and meet schedules.  They will work with the coaching staff to develop training standards that will help them meet their performance goals.  Fees are negotiable. 

We are located in Long Beach, California. Our team currently trains at Martin Luther King Jr. Park pool while our beloved and original home, Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool is being rebuilt.

Ready to try the sport of diving? We cater to all athletes that want to learn something new. Former gymnasts and acrobats that want to use their skills in a new environment, along with the high schooler that wants to get a varsity letter, and the National hopefull, we have a place for you!

Not quite ready for full lessons? Or want to see if diving is right for you? A condensed lesson class aimed at the diving dabbler or the little one that wanted to off the board more in swimming class. 4-day sessions during the summer months, grouped in our Team Lesson classes. Each Session is $100 (Summer Registration is currently CLOSED).

Discover diving with us

We have something for everyone

Serving So Cal from the South Bay to Orange County

For the past 50 years, McCormick Divers is the premier diving team in the Long Beach area. We serve athletes from the LAX area, down to Costa Mesa and as far east as Fullerton.  We strive to have place for all of your goals to be met in the diving world. Wether it’s to learn our sport, make a high school team, open college opportunities, or make a run at Olympic Trials, we have a place for you!

90% of our divers qualify of CIF-SS Finals

95% of mccormick divers make the transition to college

Some past McCormick Divers attended: USC, UCLA, Univ. of Hawaii, ASU, Univ. of Utah, Northern AZ Univ., Stanford

Divers are the core of our mission

MEET OUR Coaches

They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

Debby McCormick

Owner and Head Coach

Debby Lipman McCormick was an outstanding diver training and competing under Glenn for 13 years. She has 23 National and 10 international diving medals to her credit. Debby graduated from and competed for Cal State Univ. Long Beach. She began her coaching career there coaching both men’s and women’s diving teams from 1976 to 1984. She started coaching with Glenn in 1976 , and together were an amazing team from almost 20 years. Debby has served nationally and internationally as both a judge and coach. Since Glenn’s passing, Debby has kept McCormick Divers performing in the same spirit as when she and Glenn coached together. Those who have been fortunate enough to dive with them are forever a part of their extended diving family. Debby is also a first-rate tennis player, accumulating over a dozen national tennis titles including the #1 national ranking in women’s doubles in 1999.

Charly Collins

Charles Collins

Head Assistant Coach

Charly is originally from Corpus Christi, TX. His father, Trey Collins, coached him all the way through his high school years. He was District 30 champion two years in a row and a Region VIII finalist three consecutive years. In 1995, he dived and competed for Palo Alto College in San Antonio, TX by Stan Randall and earned NJCAA All-American status in ’96 and ’97. Charly also coached for 8 years with Alamo Area Aquatics Diving, assisting in the development of divers who were offered college scholarships and competed at national level meets. In 2001, he was part of the cast of professional divers in the show”Viva” at Sea World of Texas, showcasing the arctic animals of the Pacific, combined with synchronized swimmers, aerialist and high divers. He joined McCormick Divers in Jan of ’04. Charly is multi-talented individual, showcasing his musical talents in years past and currently pursuing a 2nd degree black belt in karate.

Eric Elliot

Assistant Coach

Main Office
16088 Fame Circle

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

M: 714-642-0317