Christchurch Divers To Visit Long Beach Dive Team and Disneyland

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The February 22nd earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand irreparably damaged the already ailing diving pool where top New Zealand Divers, Amy Kroening and Jordan Von Hagen train.  The two divers train year round and are preparing for a competition in British Columbia with their coach, Steve Power, a BC native.  The springboard and platform diving community is a very supportive group and other divers were quick to offer help including Long Beach based McCormick Divers.

Debby McCormick has friendships with divers from around the world including New Zealand Diving Officials and coach Steve Power.  In December 2009, several McCormick Divers met and competed with Christchurch divers when they traveled to Wellington, New Zealand to dive in the Asia Pacific Rim Championships.  When New Zealand Diving friends asked for help, Debby was thrilled to welcome the divers for interim training on their way from New Zealand to BC.

Long Beach boasts the only indoor diving facility with a full range of springboards and platform towers at the Belmont Olympic Plaza Pool.  This makes it a favored location for Hollywood TV and movie shoots and visiting divers like the Christchurch divers and the Finnish clown dive troupe coming to Long Beach in August to perform with McCormick Divers for SeaFest 2011.

The Christchurch divers and coach will join McCormick Divers Wednesday March 2nd and Friday March 4th at their alternate training facility at Martin Luther King Jr. Pool at 1950 Lemon Avenue Long Beach, CA 90806.  On Thursday, they will fight jet lag and get used to the time change with a fun trip to Disneyland.