McCormick Divers Attacks Nationals

Well the silly season in full swing and here at McCormick Divers we’d like to take a moment, and recognize the athletes and families that have put in the long hours driving, flying, and baking in the sun to see the fruit of our and their efforts.  Here is the MCCO National Team divers that have qualified to either 2011 USD Jr. Nationals or 2011 AAU Diving Nationals:

Brandon L., Michelle L., Sarah K, Sydney S., Jaqui C., Jenna S., Megan M. (injured), Olivia P., Madeline P., Erica C., Adam P., Lauren S., Adam S., Nyko B., Alyssa W.,

Congratulations to all the McCormick Divers for their hard work and dedication for this sport.  Let’s go McCormick!!!

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