A Vet and A Rookie Head to West Champs

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By Jessica Pollack

McCormick Divers Jenna Sonnenberg and Jake Butler are heading to San Antonio, Texas for USA Diving Junior West National Championships April 12-14.  The two Long Beach residents both earned places at Nationals at the Region 9 Championships in Laguna Niguel in March.

This is ten-year old Sonnenberg’s third time competing in the Spring Junior West National Championships in three years.  This is her last year competing in the 11&Under Girls 1-meter and 3-meter events before moving up to a new age group in 2014.  Coaches Debby McCormick and Charly Collins believe she has a good chance of performing well after winning the 10-Year Old Girl’s 1-meter and 3-meter titles at the 2012 AAU National Championships.   She earned her highest scores on her inward double somersault on the 3-meter board and inward one-and-one-half somersault on the 1-meter board at the Region 9 Championships.  Inward dives are very challenging as divers must jump backward then throw themselves toward the diving board to complete the somersault rotations.

Twelve-year-old, Butler is competing in his first USA Junior West Nationals since he started diving in the fall.   Butler has a very competitive dive list for someone so new to competition diving.  He’s been diving for fun since he was young, but just started training seriously as he completed football season. Butler also got top scores on his inward one-and-one-half somersault on one-meter and his back one-and-one-half somersault with a half twist on the 3-meter board.

Spring Nationals are a great place for divers to prepare for the intensity of the summer diving season.  McCormick Divers are proud to have these two young divers carry on Long Beach’s winning diving tradition.