Belmont Final EIR Approval Set

This coming Thursday March 2, 2017, will mark one of the last and biggest hurdles in the ongoing saga of the new Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool here in Long Beach. The hearing is scheduled to start at 5pm in the council chambers at City Hall. The hearing (originally scheduled in October) is to approve the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which includes the site plan, conditional use permit, standard variance and local coastal permit use.

When approved (fingers crossed) the project will be sent to Sacramento to the California Coastal Commission for final project approval since the pool resides in the “Coastal Zone” which is governed by the CCC. When the CA Coastal Commission give it’s final blessing, construction can begin and we can start counting the days to returning to our home!

However, there are dissenters out there and they are starting to gain traction in stopping the efforts of past City Council members, community leaders, and the overall aquatic community here and around the world. That is why we are calling everyone out to attend the meeting on March 2nd to show the naysayers that this is good for Long Beach, won’t use tax money or bonds to complete and provides another avenue for the children of Long Beach to partake in aquatic sports. If you cannot make the meeting, please email your support of the project to the City Planning Commissioner Chair, Mark Hungerford at “”.

Thank you everyone and if you want to read more about the meeting and who is dissenting on the project, you can read it here on

Artist rendering of new Belmont complex.