A McCormick Diver Receives The “Lee Brennan” Award

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By Jo Murray
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With all this hot weather, I’d say the more time we can spend diving into the water, the better.

And there’s not a better diver in our waters than Madelyn “Dolly” Payne, who recently received the prestigious Lee Brennan Memorial Scholarship. The honor is named after Brennan, an athletic star and academic high achiever whose life was cut short in an auto accident.

Payne earned the scholarship as an active participant with a U.S. Southern Pacific Association Diving Team. It was based on her ability to maintain excellent grades (she is a 2015 Los Alamitos High School valedictorian) while also competing as a top varsity athlete in both diving and tennis.Read More »A McCormick Diver Receives The “Lee Brennan” Award

Top-Notch Pool Helps Economy

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by Jessica Payne (This article is also posted on

The truth is, unless you live by the Belmont Pier, have an interest in an aquatic sport that will use the new pool, or have an interest in other shoreline projects on hold until the pool is done — you really don’t care.

Yes, this project is incredibly expensive, but that fact will be barely a blip on the political landscape when you confirm that the Tidelands funds being used for the pool come from oil companies and not tax dollars. Since these funds can’t be used in your neighborhood — Who Cares?

Here’s why we should care.

If built in one of several cost-cutting configurations being considered, life will be status quo. You might even wander down by the beach one day to take a look once it is finished. But for approximately 4% more, it can be built to NCAA and International swimming and diving competition standards. This project now has an economic impact that reaches throughout the city, ow?

While 62% to 78% of the time, this pool will be a beautiful recreational facility, in the remaining 22% to 38% it can be used for top-level competition that brings tourist dollars to the city. These tourists will spend money in Long Beach without the city spending any money on advertising. Read More »Top-Notch Pool Helps Economy