Clash of the Clowns

McCormick Divers presented the Finnish Jerobeam Clown Troupe during Clash of the Clowns August 19th – 21st, 2011, at the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool.  The weekends events featured 3 spectacular Dive Shows with the best entertainment in town and a one-of-a-kind a Clown Diving Clinic.  Thank you to our Olympic Guests of Honor, the Meraquas of Irvine Synchronized Swimming Team, our own McCormick Divers, and the incredible Finnish Jerobeam Clown Divers who made there debut in the United States.  What a show!

Official Clash of the Clowns Website

McCormick Divers perform "dominos" around the edge of the diving well during the opening act.

A man-powered, water-skiing, diving-clown wows the audience during the Jerobeam Clown Show.