Temporary Belmont Pool Opens

Originally posted on www.presstelegram.com, the temporary pool for the Belmont Olympic Plaza, opened on December 19th, 2013.  It will serve all current recreation programs, along with competitive swimming and water polo.  Diving is not included in this design since all efforts are in the permanent facility.  However, the completion and running of the temporary pool is a vital must-step in the process for rebuilding Belmont Plaza.  For the original stories of the grand opening of the temporary pool, click the links below for the jump!

Temporary pool opening preview

Grand Opening of the Temporary pool

Temporary Pool Construction Begins

by Harry Saltzgaver

(originally on www.gazettes.com)

A green construction fence blocks off Allin Street and the western entrance to the parking lot next to the Belmont Plaza Pool.

Inside the enclosure, the pavement, concrete islands and the rest for 129 parking spaces has been removed and ground is being prepared for a temporary above-ground swimming pool.

If all goes according to plan — and the Myrtha Pool is shipped in a timely manner from Italy — that pool could be open by the end of October, according to Assistant City Manager Suzanne Frick.

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Temporary Pool Contract Approved

By Harry Saltzgaver

(orignially posted on www.gazettes.com)

Contracts were approved Tuesday night for construction of a new swimming pool next to the closed Belmont Plaza Pool, with the facility expected to open by the end of October.

City Council approved the temporary pool this spring as part of a package to move forward on replacing the Belmont Plaza natatorium. The pool portion of the building was permanently closed in January, after structural engineers ruled that the building was in danger of collapse during a medium-sized earthquake.

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A Vet and A Rookie Head to West Champs

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By Jessica Pollack

McCormick Divers Jenna Sonnenberg and Jake Butler are heading to San Antonio, Texas for USA Diving Junior West National Championships April 12-14.  The two Long Beach residents both earned places at Nationals at the Region 9 Championships in Laguna Niguel in March.

This is ten-year old Sonnenberg’s third time competing in the Spring Junior West National Championships in three years.  This is her last year competing in the 11&Under Girls 1-meter and 3-meter events before moving up to a new age group in 2014.  Coaches Debby McCormick and Charly Collins believe Continue reading

Belmont Plaza Rebuild Getting Headway

While the Grunion Gazette, and all of it’s sister publications, are a good pathway to get news out to the public, we haven’t seen too much in the manner of any press about the “redirection” or “rebuilding” of Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool.  However, today Bob Keisser published a story about this very subject. If you haven’t read it yet please do so here:

Long Beach Deserves State-of-the-art Replacement for Belmont plaza pool

And please be at the City Council meeting, Tuesday Feb 12th at 5:00pm and show your support for Aquatics, Diving and McCormick Divers so that Long Beach can really be “Aquatics Capital of America”. And not just in name only.