Long Beach Century Club Awards Debby McCormick

On Monday January 30th, McCormick Divers owner and head coach Debby, received the “Ernie Pollman Memorial Award” at the 61st Long Beach Century Club Sports […]

A McCormick Diver Receives The “Lee Brennan” Award

(originally posted on gazettes.com) By Jo Murray Columnist – Gazettes.com With all this hot weather, I’d say the more time we can spend diving into […]

Diving facility hopes sinking

By Jim Thomas (Originally posted on ocregister.com) Longtime Long Beach-based diving coach Debby McCormick is confused and alarmed by what is, at the very least, […]

Deep Water Pool with Diving at Belmont Plaza is Good for Long Beach Business

By Jessica Pollack  Will the City of Long Beach take advantage of a ONCE IN A GENERATION opportunity? When completed in 1968, the Belmont Plaza […]

McCormick’s In CIF Division Champs Roundup

(as originally posted on gazettes.com) Ninety-three degree heat and wind gusts up to 38 miles per hour proved difficult for the Long Beach Divers competing […]

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