Long Beach Century Club Awards Debby McCormick

On Monday January 30th, McCormick Divers owner and head coach Debby, received the “Ernie Pollman Memorial Award” at the 61st Long Beach Century Club Sports Night Banquet. According to the Century Club, the “Pollman” award is given to a team or individual who achieves their maximum through determination and hard work and has the ability Read more about Long Beach Century Club Awards Debby McCormick[…]

Debby McCormick To Receive Achievement Award

We all know Debby. An accomplished coach and athlete, and has done wonders for our divers all over the So Cal area. Recently, she became heavily involved in the reconstruction of our beloved Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool, wining and dining with local politicians and business people to make sure diving in part of the new Read more about Debby McCormick To Receive Achievement Award[…]

Aquatic Capital of America Inducts Famous Local Diver

Every year around this time, the Aquatic Capital of America based here in Long Beach, CA inducts and recognizes local aquatic athletes for their accomplishments. This year is no different with several inductees from the sports of Rowing, Water Polo and Swimming. However, this time around a local female diver who’s name is synonymous with Read more about Aquatic Capital of America Inducts Famous Local Diver[…]

Diving facility hopes sinking

By Jim Thomas (Originally posted on ocregister.com) Longtime Long Beach-based diving coach Debby McCormick is confused and alarmed by what is, at the very least, a delay in implementing a plan to build a state-of-the-art aquatics facility to replace the condemned Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool. Long Beach Councilman Gary DeLong, who spearheaded the planned project Read more about Diving facility hopes sinking[…]

Deep Water Pool with Diving at Belmont Plaza is Good for Long Beach Business

By Jessica Pollack

 Will the City of Long Beach take advantage of a ONCE IN A GENERATION opportunity?

When completed in 1968, the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool was the premier aquatics facility in the country and a jewel for the City of Long Beach.  Now that the pool has been condemned and is to be rebuilt, the City has a one-time opportunity to once again showcase our beautiful city to the rest of the world.

It is time now for the City of Long Beach to come through with its promise to provide a new world class, state-of-the-art aquatics facility, including a deep water diving pool, to replace the condemned Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool, as the Long Beach City Council unanimously approved on February 12, 2013.

In its 45 years of active use from August 1968 through January 2013, the original Belmont pool lauded the finest athletes and coaches in aquatics. The most decorated Long Beach Olympian is a diver. Some have won two Olympic medals and Misty May Treanor has won three, but only one Long Beach aquatics athlete has won four Olympic Gold Medals – Pat McCormick with 4 Olympic Gold Medals in Diving. In addition, several of our local diving, swimming and water polo coaches served multiple times as Olympic coaches.