A McCormick Diver Receives The “Lee Brennan” Award

(originally posted on gazettes.com) By Jo Murray Columnist – Gazettes.com With all this hot weather, I’d say the more time we can spend diving into […]

Top-Notch Pool Helps Economy

by Jessica Payne (This article is also posted on www.gazettes.com) The truth is, unless you live by the Belmont Pier, have an interest in an […]

McCormick Diver signs National Letter of Intent

McCormick Diver Erica Curry, a Senior at Fountain Valley HS, will be missed next year by her family, friends and fellow McCormick Divers as she […]

Reid, Bodnar evnision plunging to new heights at Master Meet

This article is as seen on the press-telegram.com website and paper editions.  Click here for the original article on the press-telegram.com . By David Felton […]

Local McCormick Divers Head to CIF Divisions

Local divers Lauren Skinner of Wilson, Deon Reid of Poly and Nyko Bodnar of St. Anthony are headed for CIF Championships this week. Skinner, a […]

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