A McCormick Diver Receives The “Lee Brennan” Award

(originally posted on gazettes.com) By Jo Murray Columnist – Gazettes.com With all this hot weather, I’d say the more time we can spend diving into […]

Top-Notch Pool Helps Economy

by Jessica Payne (This article is also posted on www.gazettes.com) The truth is, unless you live by the Belmont Pier, have an interest in an […]

Diving facility hopes sinking

By Jim Thomas (Originally posted on ocregister.com) Longtime Long Beach-based diving coach Debby McCormick is confused and alarmed by what is, at the very least, […]

Deep Water Pool with Diving at Belmont Plaza is Good for Long Beach Business

By Jessica Pollack  Will the City of Long Beach take advantage of a ONCE IN A GENERATION opportunity? When completed in 1968, the Belmont Plaza […]

A Vet and A Rookie Head to West Champs

As posted on Gazettes.com here… By Jessica Pollack McCormick Divers Jenna Sonnenberg and Jake Butler are heading to San Antonio, Texas for USA Diving Junior […]

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